This movie came out last Friday, but we got our wires crossed here at Cine-central. Erik thought it was my review and I thought it was his ... whose fault it really was doesn't matter (mine), but we were fully prepared to just let the movie slide on by. But today I caught a matinee and it really inspired me to write something. And that something is this:

Whoever thought this thing was ready for public release is either A) a fool or B) a crook. Not since last year's unwatchable The Ex have I seen so many amusing people collaborate on such a witless piece of crap. But comedy is subjective, of course, so I don't like to trash a movie for having "bad jokes." Our definition of the phrase "bad joke" may differ wildly, and so I choose to be a little more specific with my criticism when I say:

This is one of the most amateurish-looking movies I've ever seen. From a major production company. On 1,200 screens. It boggles the mind, really, and it reminds you that of all the products you spend your money on ... movies are one of the only purchases in which you're just screwed. If you bought a refrigerator that was the appliance equivalent to Strange Wilderness, you couldn't even wheel the damn thing into the parking lot without it falling into 65 pieces. If this movie was a chicken dinner, it'd still be clucking. (It's just not finished!) That a room full of successful businessmen approved this product, stamped their logo on it, and offered it to a hungry marketplace -- ugh, it just kind of angers me.
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