One of the bigger mysteries for those of us who attended the Choke premiere at Sundance was why that film's star, Sam Rockwell, had grown an abnormally long beard. I mean, dude looked like he was about to star in the Cast Away sequel (this time, financed by UPS). Well, MTV caught up with Rockwell (who, by the way, is an absolute pimp in Choke), and asked him about the beard. Was he growing it for a role ... or was he growing a nest to hide baby birds? Fortunately, it's the former -- Rockwell says, "I'm doing a sci-fi movie where I'm stranded on the moon for three years. That's why I have the beard."

Wait, so it is a sequel to Cast Away! Only, in this one, the main character gets stranded on the moon surrounded by a ton of UPS packages! Actually, no, I'm joking, but that is the premise and it's called Moon. And to add a little funky to the fire, Duncan Jones (aka son of David Bowie) will be directing. Rockwell wouldn't give up how or why his character gets stranded on the moon for three years (maybe it's like a Home Alone thing, where halfway back to earth they realize they forgot ... KEVIN!), however the idea of it sounds pretty damn awesome. What if you were stuck on the moon for three years? It's the friggin' moon -- what the hell do you do for, um, anything? Needless to say, we cannot wait for this one.

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