The new Cyborg movie...sorry... The upcoming post-apocalyptic Cormac McCarthy adaptation, The Road, has got itself a leading lad. The Hollywood Reporter has posted that the son who gets to travel around with Viggo Mortensen is Aussie actor Kodi Smit-McPhee. This is the kid who might be playing the young Logan in the upcoming Wolverine movie, and he played Raimond Gaita in the memoir adaptation Romulus, My Father.

The 11-year-old's role in the film is to travel with Papa Viggo on "a months-long journey across a barren U.S. landscape after a cataclysmic event destroyed most of life on Earth." Somewhere along the way, they remember mom, because Charlize Theron will play the wife and mother in flashbacks. (Bana, Mortensen, Potente, and Theron, aren't bad movie parents to have at the start of your career!) After the success of No Country for Old Men, expectations are pretty high for this feature, and for me especially, since I love director John Hillcoat'sThe Proposition.

That being said ... I think I should read the book, because I just keep putting Viggo's face over Van Damme's, Theron's over the old, dead love interest, and now Kodi's face over the cyborg he travels with. All we need is Bender, and this new flick is set!
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