Just off the top of my head, I can't think of many films that have successfully blended animation and live action. I mean, for every Who Framed Roger Rabbit? or Sin City, there has been a Cool World or a Space Jam. So let's keep our fingers crossed that Wolf Boy is not going to be one of the cautionary tales of 'blended mediums'. Varietyreports that The Weinstein Company have optioned the film rights to Evan Kuhlman's novel.

The story centers on a family dealing with the loss of their eldest son. The second born in the family works through his grief by creating a comic book starring Wolf Boy, who is modeled after his brother. Through Wolf Boy he gets to ask all the questions that teenagers want to, but can't, about death and loss. Sounds fun, right? Luckily the book also utilizes illustrations from seasoned illustrators to lighten the mood as well as tell the parallel stories of Wolf Boy and his human creator.

Irwin Winkler and Jill Cutler will produce the film through Winkler Films. Winkler told Variety that, "What appealed to me most was the young man who finds refuge in the creation of this graphic novel and how that impacts the process of healing between the boy and his father." Christopher Parker is already set to adapt the novel for the screen. Parker has an animation background so I guess he was the perfect choice to adapt the novel. The film will be blending CGI style animation and live action, so TWC should start looking now for a director that knows his way around an FX budget.
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