It has taken over two years, but the big-screen adaptation of Youth in Revolt is finally gearing up. Previously, our esteemed Erik Davis raved about the book when Dimension Films bought the rights, and then when Michael Cera signed on to star. Now The Hollywood Reporter says that Miguel Arteta is this close to jumping back into the movies and helming the flick. Should the final negotiations wrap up nicely, this will be the director's first film since The Good Girl five years ago.

While that's not really a good indicator of his fit, being one heck of a sullen film, it might help you to remember that this is the guy behind Chuck and Buck. While Arteta hasn't helmed a big screen teen comedy, he's handled a man-child stalker (and an ep of Freaks and Geeks to boot), so this might just be the perfect fit. I hope so, as I can just imagine what fanboys will do to the poor guy if he doesn't.

Meanwhile, Cera will be playing the title character, Nick Twisp -- "a smart, sexually obsessed teen living in a world of moronic adults." A little more specifically, as Erik described last year: "we follow Nick through what he writes in his own personal journals, and join him in his neverending quest to win the love of one 'Sheeni' Saunders." There's no word on when production will begin.
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