Thank god, it's almost TGIF! Here's some casting bites, courtesy of Variety:
  • Another kid has signed on to Catherine Hardwicke's vamp movie, Twilight. It's Justin Chon, who you will soon see in Crossing Over, and who plays Tony in Just Jordan. There's no word on his character, so Twilight fans who have been frequenting the casting news about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson -- who could Chon play? Also, as of 1 PM today, Variety has a picture of Clark Duke in Chon's blurb, so you can see what Justin really looks like to the right.
  • Clark Duke, on the other hand, has picked up a starring gig opposite Eddie Murphy in 1000 Words / A Thousand Words. I told you about the Brian Robbins-helmed project back in October -- the comedy focuses on "a glib man who finds out that he has only 1,000 words left to speak before he dies." I wonder if Clark will try to sneak Eddie into using them up early?
  • Back in November, Mickey Rourke replaced Nicolas Cage in The Wrestler. Now Randy "The Ram" Robinson will be joined by a real ex-pro wrestler. Ernest "The Cat" Miller has picked up a role in the film. He was past my WWE watching days (think Macho Man and Jake the Snake), but a friend of mine says he was one of those second-string baddies, who used the catch-phrase "somebody call my momma."
  • Finally, actor David Murray has nabbed himself another bad guy role. After playing a "Jumpy Thug" in Batman Begins, Murray is going to try and foil another hero. This time around, it will be more than just a thug, and more of a real hero. He's landed a lead role as the villain in G.I. Joe. So, I guess he's the notorious arms dealer? Not a bad jump up for the man. One day, you're just a thug, the next, you're a big-time baddie.

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