What would we do without Variety? The trade confirms tonight what all the movie sites have known for awhile: The first Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull trailer will debut in front of The Spiderwick Chronicles on February 14, and debut on the web shortly thereafter. I'm sure the trailer will hit online prior to its official release, and if it somehow makes it all the way to February 14, many You Tubers will record the thing on their camera phone and it will be up online in no time. And then Paramount will force all of us to post the crappy version (because, c'mon, it's the first Indy trailer; it could come silent, fuzzy and in lime green -- everyone would still post it).

So, hopefully, the studio will realize this and put the trailer online the morning The Spiderwick Chronicles debuts. Don't leave it to those idiotic camera phone rats. The reason for the delay, by the way (and according to Variety), is that a lot of the trailer material wasn't finished. However, producers also feel they don't have to sell Indiana Jones -- the character's already sold himself over the last couple decades.

As the trade also points out, we still haven't seen trailers for The Incredible Hulk (which, in my opinion, really needs to sell itself) and The Mummy 3. They also mention Sex and the City, but we've seen a teaser and -- well -- it's SATC. It has its fans. And they will show up.