As a die-hard Lostfan, I'm going to miss "Charlie" (or as Claire says, "CHAHlee"), the character played by Dominic Monaghan. But at least I'll get to see the actor return to the big screen in Pet. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Monaghan has been cast as the lead in the psychological thriller, in which he plays a deranged animal shelter employee who kidnaps his teenage crush and obsessively holds her captive as his pet. The only other plot point provided by the trade is that the woman he's imprisoned is "not who she seems to be." That could mean anything, from her being an alien to her being a shape-shifter who turns into an actual animal to her being something more realistic, such as a female "MacGyver" who ends up escaping her cage and wrecking vengeance on "Seth", as Monaghan's character is called.

For Monaghan, Pet seems like a big step further into unlikable roles. Most of us became familiar with the actor as one of the lovable Hobbits in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Then we fell for his flawed rocker on Lost, though except for in the very end, we were made to lose favor for "Charlie", as he continually lied, shot up heroin and acted like a spoiled little bitch. Then he frustrated many male Lost fans by becoming the unlikely boyfriend of his co-star Evangeline Lilly (I'm unsure if they are still a couple -- anyone know?). Now as a creepy "Buffalo Bill" type, he's sure to lose even more of his appeal -- at least on screen, anyway. Pet begins shooting sometime in the next few months under the direction of Irish filmmaker Edna Enda McCallion (at least I think she's the director, the trade doesn't make it entirely clear), who can be seen in this clip giving a behind-the-scenes look at the making of his music video for the Nine Inch Nails song "Deep".
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