It seems that there was a survey conducted by Syracuse University's Newhouse School of Public Communications that found that 43.4% of teen gals out there want to be personal assistants to celebrities. This is a job that they'd take over being college president, three times more than wanting to be U.S. senators, and four times more than being a chief exec at a big company. I could see why they wouldn't pick some of them (they aren't the best choices), but still, it's surprising to see that girls don't want to be in the movie business, but lapdogs for snarky celebs. I guess they're either masochists or have not seen those PA's in movies.

Aiming to tap this star-loving demographic, Variety reports that Fox Atomic has optioned the rights to Lizabeth Zindel's young adult novel Girl of the Moment. While Amazon shows mixed reviews about the book, one thing's for certain -- it has a lot of young celeb dysfunction. The story centers on a teen girl named Lily who is looking for a pre-senior year job. When a gig at MoMA falls through, she uses her dad's connections to become an assistant to a young star called Sabrina Snow. I'm having a hard time buying a dad who would put their young daughter in that position (both the pressure/jerkiness and the 3 D's -- drugs, DUIs, and drama), but there's always one out there, I guess. So, in this job, Lily is the hero trying to do well, and Sabrina is the typical, troubled superstar.

I get this funny feeling that lots of teen girls will flock to see this. Hopefully it will lead them to better endeavors, whether they stick with their celeb obsessions or not. Why aim to deliver coffee when you can open your own salon or boutique, become an agent, producer, director, or any other field that offers famous contact?
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