In between her busy whale-saving schedule and wondering if she will ever get to be a superhero again with all of this darned strike business, Variety reports that Hayden Panettiere has signed on to star in a new teen comedy called Daydream Nation. The script was penned by Michael Goldbach, who collaborated with Don McKellar in the Canadian comedy Childstar, and he'll make this his directorial debut.

Negotiating to join Panettiere is Kieran Culkin, brother of Macauley, Father of the Bride alum, and lead in my beloved Igby Goes Down. Now get ready for this super-revealing description -- he'll "play opposite Panettiere as her oblivious boyfriend." Gee, I'm glad that's cleared up. Luckily, THR had a little more information to give: "The producers are hoping to reinvent the coming-of-age story for the 21st century, calling the film an intellectual comedy a la Juno and Election." Hayden's role is described there as "acerbic," so between that and the Election reference, I imagine that we'll get a modern Tracy Flick for this puppy. And, I hope, a Sonic Youth soundtrack?

Now, the challenge will be navigating the next possible strike (actors), and her schedule on Heroes. The producers are hoping to get production going this spring or summer. In the mean time, I ask you -- Can Panettiere follow in the footsteps of Reese Witherspoon and Ellen Page?
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