Growing up in a family full of neurotic Jews, I always ever heard three names when it came to entertainment: Woody Allen, Jackie Mason and Seinfeld. My earliest memories of film revolve around Annie Hall, because my parents were literally addicted to it. During my teen years, their addiction moved over to the TV show Seinfeld ... where it still remains till this day (I guarantee you my parents have watched more Seinfeld than anyone on this planet). Needless to say, if Woody Allen and Seinfeld were somehow able to merge, I imagine my parents would explode. Too ... much ... Jewish ... shtick. Well, Mom, Dad, Entertainment Weekly reports that none other than Seinfeld co-creator and Curb Your Enthusiasm star Larry David will head up Woody Allen's next film, which shall mark the writer-directors return home to New York City following a brief stint romancing Scarlett Johansson overseas.

Additionally, Evan Rachel Wood (who's kind of like a mini Johansson if you think about it) will co-star opposite David. The title and plot are still unknown, but the film will apparently begin production this spring. Larry David and Evan Rachel Wood? Now there's an on-screen duo I never thought we'd see. What do you think the plot for this one will be? Older neurotic Jewish man falls for hot, young sexy girl? I can't even begin to imagine how strange it will sound to hear Woody Allen's dialogue coming from Larry David. I can't even wrap my head around it -- you?

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