Moviefone has just unleashed the exclusive teaser poster for the next James Bond film, Quantum of Solace (click on the image above to check out a larger version), and I'm totally digging the way they went about this one. Love the shadow, love the gun in the air, and I love the fact that there's this lonely sense of dread. Or maybe I'm just reading into it too much. I'm also wondering if this poster was created prior to the Quantum of Solace title being chosen, because it's not mentioned on the poster at all. Below the above image, all we get is the classic 007 logo, followed by the words 'November 2008' underneath. Either way, it's all good.

In addition to the poster, Moviefone also has a Bond photo gallery for you to scroll through, featuring info on the new film, like how Quantum of Solace picks up 20 minutes after Casino Royale, making it the first direct sequel in Bond film history. Word has it they've practically doubled the amount of action in this flick, compared to Casino Royale, and so you Bond fans out there should definitely get your money's worth.

As an extra special bonus, check out a really sweeet Quantum of Solace behind-the-scenes video (with director Marc Forster and a beaten-up Daniel Craig, among others) below. Quantum of Solace arrives in theaters on November 7, 2008.