I don't know about you, but after looking at this pic I have the sudden urge to yell "MICKEYYYYY!" Yes, that is the first image of Mickey Rourke (click on the photo for a larger version) from Darren Aronofsky's (Requiem for a Dream) upcoming flick, The Wrestler. Apparently, Aronofsky and crew were in New Jersey last weekend shooting scenes during a live WXW match. I believe the dude standing next to Rourke (who, in case you were wondering, is the shirtless guy with the Fabio cut) is WWE's Afa the Wild Samoan, who's also serving as Rourke's trainer.

The WXW site (where this photo was posted) says matches were filmed, as well as several locker room scenes featuring "some of your favorite WXW superstars." This must have been a treat for those fans, and I personally cannot wait to see what Aronofsky does with a wrestling film. Nicolas Cage was originally supposed to star, but Rourke replacing him was fitting -- after all, the film follows a veteran wrestler who fights all odds for one last chance to battle his arch-nemesis. Substitute 'veteran wrestler' for 'veteran actor' and 'arch-nemesis' for the words 'film career' and the role choice makes total sense. JoBlo also says that Marisa Tomei will star as Rourke's girlfriend, an aging stripper -- which was something I did not know, but right on! The Wrestler will most likely hit theaters later this year.

[via Coming Soon]

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