According to Jewish folklore (or at least according to a really scary story my rabbi once told me), a "dybbuk" is an angry, undead spirit that possesses a human being. So perhaps writer / director David S. Goyer pitched this concept to his new Plantium Dunes bosses as "Poltergeist meets The Exorcist, only Jewish." Seems unlikely he'd start the meeting with "Hey, anyone remember any ghost stories they once heard in Hebrew school?"

Either way, The Hollywood Reporter is (ahem) reporting that Goyer and three actors have signed on to an as-yet-untitled "supernatural thriller" about "a 19-year-old girl who is haunted by a dybbuk, the soul of a dead person barred from heaven, in the form of a young boy who perished in Auschwitz." (Glad to see the Holocaust can act as inspiration for a Platinum Dunes supernatural thriller.) The young lady will be played by Odette Yustman, who is currently wowing audiences as "that really hot girl who looks a little like Jennifer Connelly" in Cloverfield. Also on board is the always-busy Gary Oldman as a "spiritual specialist" and someone called Cam Gigandet as the hot girl's boyfriend.

Fingers crossed on this project. If there's anything lamer than a flat PG-13 thriller, it's probably a flat PG-13 thriller that invokes memories of Auschwitz. Still, after flicks like Dark City, Blade and Batman Begins, DSG has earned some benefit of the doubt by now. Production begins a few weeks from now in Chicago.
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