He may not be a wrestler, but Nicolas Cage certainly knows how to be dangerous in Bangkok. Back in June of 2006, the National Treasure-hunting actor signed on for the Pang Brothers' (Oxide Pang Chun and Danny Pang) remake of their 1999 action film, Bangkok Dangerous. Now The Hollywood Reporter posts that Lionsgate has picked up the North American distribution rights to the film, which they will push out to us this summer.

Bangkok follows Cage as "an anonymous assassin who travels to the city to handle four kills for an underworld crime boss, but his conscience becomes his enemy when he meets a local Thai girl." You might notice that the deaf-mute angle on Cage's character is missing this time around. Why? According to an old interview with the filmmakers: "We'd like to keep him the same, but we understand that from a marketing purpose Nic needs to have some lines." In other words, they were convinced to change the character? That's really too bad, since that's an interesting angle for a hitman -- someone who can't hear the results of his work. Instead, his girlfriend will get the deaf treatment. Still, it's the Pang Brothers, so maybe that won't matter.

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