Gosh darnit, if this doesn't look like the cutest friggin' Pixar flick. Empire managed to get their hands on a brand new trailer for Pixar's upcoming WALL-E and after watching it I immediately wanted to hug something (or someone). Since it's Empire, I'm not sure whether this is a domestic or international trailer, but does it really matter -- it's like the trailer version of the sweetest stuffed animal you ever saw; the kind you simply must buy for your kid, your friend's kid, or, heck, any random kid. Damn it Pixar! I know this film will make me cry.

The trailer itself has this great little narration which explains the story, and gives it this strange The Gods Must Be Crazy vibe. This should be a very interesting film for Pixar as it doesn't look to have a lot of dialogue at all. How will audiences react to that? How will audiences react to a story that's told more through visuals than talky talky? Crazy, I know! Those wild bastards at Pixar! Anyway, WALL-E follows a lonely robot from the future who spends his days going through trash; finding things to amuse himself. That is until something arrives, and WALL-E will soon discover what he was meant for. Click on the image above to watch the trailer; WALL-E arrives in theaters on June 27.