On the last episode of Two Coreys and a Vampire Sequel, we learned that C. Haim would be unable to appear in Lost Boys 2: The Tribe, thanks to some restrictions on him leaving the country or something. But C. Feldman, thank god, would be returning for the sequel. Now comes word from STYD and Feldman's own blog that, yep, they Coreys (Cories?) will indeed be reuniting on the follow-up.

Seems that when Haim couldn't make the trip to ... Canada, director P.J. Pesce simply lifted those pages from the script -- and now those pages have been put back in. Additional shooting will take place soon. I'm sure this won't give the film any sort of editorial confusion. No way. And I don't really know what all the excitement is about. Aside from playing the goofy comic relief in the original Lost Boys, it's not like the Coreys really make for fine cinema. License to Drive I'll give you (as a guilty pleasure), but Last Resort? Blown Away? Dream a Little Dream? I mean ... ouch.

The Warner video release is expected to hit shelves some time this summer (though fans are currently waging a war to get some sort of theatrical run).
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