As we count down to this year's South by Southwest Film Festival, Cinematical will be previewing a bunch of the films due to premiere in Austin in early March. To remain updated on all things SXSW, make sure you check this page often, as all of our coverage will be housed there. Today, we have two more trailers to show you for two more documentaries premiering at the festival. Why so many docs, Erik? Well, SXSW is known for their docs. It's like going to a restaurant where all the food is good, but they're known for, say, their BBQ ribs. Well, SXSW is a wonderful fest that's known for their docs.

Above you'll find the trailer for The Matador; a documentary that follows David Fandila's journey throughout Spain and Latin America in a quest to become the world's top-ranked bullfighter. The Matador was shot in high-definition over the course of three years and, as the synopsis points out, "The Matador is a story of love of a son for his father, of audiences for their heroes, of a people for a passionate and violent ritual and of the bullfighter's paradoxical love for the beast that he must kill to create his art." This one looks beauiful, and a definite must-see.

After the jump, we check out a doc called Crawford, which revolves around the people of Crawford, Texas and what happened to their small, quiet town once a man named George W. Bush decided to move in.