Brittany Snow hasn't made a huge name for herself yet, but she's been in the biz for ages. (And heck, maybe she's known, but not well-known because she isn't a young actress barreling towards a solid brick wall.) As a wee young thing, she was in SeaQuest DSV. That was soon followed with Guiding Light, American Dreams, and then some mainstream fare like John Tucker Must Die and Hairspray. Now, while she's just wrapped production on some independent fare -- Finding Amanda -- Snow is signing up for her next indie feature.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, she will star in a new film called Vicious Kind, from writer/director Lee Toland Krieger. Snow will star as "a woman targeted by the obsessed older brother of her boyfriend after he brings her home for Thanksgiving." So this is yet another reason not to meet the family. It's just too much hassle.

Adam Scott will play the older, creepily obsessed brother named Caleb. You might recognize him from one of his many television stints, from Party of Five to Tell Me You Love Me, or in flicks like Art School Confidential and Knocked Up. The dumb boyfriend who gets Snow into this mess hasn't been cast yet, but he should be soon as production is scheduled to begin on March 1.
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