The big-screen version of Namco's best-selling game Tekken has been kicked around Hollywood since 1992. At one point Jet Li was even involved. But, after numerous false starts it looks like we are finally going to get an honest-to-goodness movie. Hellboy II villain, Luke Goss, just announced on his MySpace page that he had signed to star as Steve Fox. The character's first appearance was in Tekken 4; Fox was a British boxer who was robbed of his memory and was on a search for answers about his past.

For a lot of fans of Tekken, the sum total of the storyline consisted of listening for "Fight"! and then mashing buttons frenetically for the next 90 seconds. The official story was about a group of fighters in a global competition to the death sponsored by some shadowy corporation. Michael Colleary's script takes a bit of a detour with the story and makes it a shade more sci-fi. This time they are rebels who are out out to overthrow the evil Tekken Corp.

Back in December, Monika gave us a few more details about the film, mainly that it looked like the story was going to be a one man show and focus on only one main character. I'm not sure if Fox will be that guy or if he's just part of a larger cast. Production is set to begin this month in Louisiana, so no matter what you think about video game flicks, I guess it's just about time we all just resign ourselves to the fact that until they run out of titles, just about everyone of them will be headed to a theater near you. Tekken is set for release in 2009.

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