On the heels of the utterly ridiculous rumors that Uma Thurman might be pregnant because she once again has curves, but which turned out to be a little weight gain from the actress quitting smoking, she's now becoming a nanny. Ouch. The woman gains a little weight, which looks great on her frame, gets called puffy, and now is an aged nanny. Variety reports that she has signed on to costar in Eloise in Paris as the young girl's caretaker. This is Nanny. At least, how she has been previously.

It looks like the role got changed a little for Thurman. Variety says that while they are searching for the child lead, the role of Nanny was adopted "with Thurman in mind." I don't quite get that, unless they're trying to bank in on that whole Nanny Diaries thing. There are a lot of great and bankable actresses who could take on the role, and honestly, as much as I like Uma, her dramas and Tarantino movies work much better than her mainstream comedy. So, why the utter need for Thurman to headline this? So much so that you'd change a classic character?

It looks like we should get used to seeing Uma this way -- Handmade Films is hoping to make this a series that's followed with Eloise Goes to Hollywood.

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