What on earth is going on with Randy Quaid? He just doesn't seem to be a happy man lately. When Brokeback Mountain came out, he sued Focus Features because he took a huge pay cut to appear in the film and then the film raked in the cash and didn't throw any over to ol' Randy. The suit was dropped with Quaid saying he got a bonus, and Focus saying that he was full of bull ponky. Now we've got something even worse.

Reuters reports that the actor has "been banned for life by Actors' Equity Association" -- the label union for stage actors in America. To top that off, he's been fined over $80,000. Ouch. I hope that mysterious, imagined movie bonus was big enough to pay this off... It seems that he was in a production of Lone Star Love, a country musical based on Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor. The production was going to head to Broadway, but got canceled by its producers after this mess.

This is where it gets down-right sad. He ticked off everyone. "All 26 members of the cast brought charges against Quaid, the Post stated, maintaining that he 'physically and verbally abused his fellow performers and that his oddball behavior forced the show to close.'" Meanwhile, Space-Cadet-Quaid says: "I am guilty of only one thing: giving a performance that elicited a response so deeply felt by the actors and producers with little experience of my creative process that they actually think I am Falstaff."

Right. Methinks the man better get over himself before he and wife Evi (who herself had an altercation about the matter in Equity's offices) have to farm potatoes in Idaho or something.
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