Comedy / horror mixtures are a dicey proposition. Oh sure, there are always a few flicks that end up adored and embraced by the fanbases (I'm thinking of stuff like Tremors, Shaun of the Dead and The Monster Squad), but for the most part these flicks have a hard time finding their audience. (Theatrically, anyway. I'm still pissed that nobody went to see Slither. And I'm sorry but Eight Legged Freaks is a whole lot of fun.) The combination can sometimes be painful (xxx), but when done properly, horror and comedy can go together like peanut butter and jelly.

I assume that's what writer/director Bo Zenga is hoping for, now that his Stan Helsing screenplay has been acquired by Stone Village Pictures and production is scheduled to begin in a few weeks. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the flick will be about a "reluctant hero and video-store clark, Stan Helsing, [who] has to save a town from the six biggest monsters in cinema history." (And again I'm reminded of The Monster Squad.)

As a producer, Zenga's track record includes titles like Scary Movie and Turistas; as a writer he gave us ... Soul Plane. But hey, "Stan Helsing" rhymes with "Van Helsing," and that's pretty funny, right? Right?
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