USA Today has scored a first look at an animated Anakin Skywalker as featured in the upcoming CGI version of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. According to USA Today, the TV series will kick off with a feature-length film which will arrive in theaters on August 15, followed by a half-hour animated series in the fall to be aired on TNT and Cartoon Network. Standing beside Anakin is a new character (whose image was recently released) called Ahsoka. She will act as Anakin's padawan (Jedi Apprentice). The film shall take place "immediately before the events in 2005's Revenge of the Sith," says the paper.

Interestingly enough, Anakin doesn't look a whole lot like Hayden Christensen did in the films (or at least he doesn't to me). His face seems more chiseled; he looks more like a man. The introduction of a padawan for Anakin should be interesting, considering there's no mention of one in Sith. I wonder how they'll get around that one considering Lucas loves to tie things together. Knowing him, he'll go back and re-edit Sith, throw someone like -- I dunno -- Miley Cyrus into the role of Ahsoka and insert her into scenes in the background. That'd be grand. But in all honesty, I'm excited for a new series (especially since I loved the old Clone Wars cartoon), and I'm definitely interested to see how it plays out. Awesome about that feature film too -- I'm sure we'll all be fighting to review it.

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