You know if there were a lot more blood-shed involved in the two competing biopics about drug baron Pablo Escobar; it probably would have tickled him to see two Hollywood filmmakers fight over his life story. But I can't help but wonder what he would think about the casting choices. In an interview with Collider, Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez confirmed that his is the forerunner to play Pablo Escobar in Antoine Fuqua's film, Escobar. Ramirez made his North American debut in the Tony Scott flick, Domino. Luckily he's been landing better roles ever since and next up will be a role in Soderbergh's Che Guevara pic, Guerrilla.

At first, Ramirez played it cool about the Escobar casting and told Collider, "It would be a great challenge and it would be a great responsibility to history-of contemporary history-in my region. We're talking about a character who really definitely changed the face of a whole country and the face of a whole region, and a character filled with it would be quite a challenge and something very interesting to get involved with." But, off the record, Ramirez commented that it was almost a done deal that he would star as one of the leaders of the Medellin Cartel.

By now we are probably all aware of the 'feud' between the two films surrounding the life of Pablo Escobar. So while Joe Carnahan has been pretty vocal about his disapproval, we haven't heard much from Fuqua's camp. Maybe he just thought it was best to let the films speak for themselves. If Ramirez has landed the role, then it would certainly look like Escobar is going to be the first film to cross the finish line. Escobar is scheduled to hit theaters in fall 2009.
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