I am of two minds on Deadly End (which IMDB is still listing under its original title Neighborhood Watch), just recently released by Full Moon Direct. On the one hand we have a well produced indie flick with strong acting and a story that pulls you in, at least at first. On the other hand, we've got a movie whose sole reason for existing is to test the viewers gag reflex, and yes mine got quite a workout here. The latter ultimately wins out, making for a singularly unenjoyable viewing experience. We're not talking about your standard horror movie gross-outs, of which I've seen nearly every variety, but something else entirely.

Bob and Wendi Peterson are a young couple who have just moved into their new house on Wormwood Drive. If the name of the street wasn't enough to warn them away, the neighborhood should have done the trick since their new home is smack dab in the middle of what appears to be a suburban ghost town. The houses nearby appear to be long abandoned, with toppled trees and collapsing structures everywhere and someone at work explains to Bob that his company was responsible for a toxic spill that has left the area unlivable. The area Bob and Wendi's new house is in is only slightly better, with burned out lawns littered with trash, and Christmas lights that look like they've been up for years.
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