It looks like Heroes' Kristen Bell has found plenty to do now that the TV show has gone on an indefinite hiatus. Varietyreports that Bell has signed for the romantic comedy When in Rome. The rom-com was written by Mark Steven Johnson, and he will also direct. The film is a bit of a departure for Johnson, who has stuck with ruining comic book properties for the most part. Hopefully a new genre is going to work out a little better for him than the superheroes have in the past.

Bell will star as "...a successful real estate agent in Gotham who can't find a lasting relationship. When her younger sister impulsively marries in Rome, she flies out for the wedding and, after picking up coins from a reputed "fountain of love," finds an overabundance of suitors waiting for her back home." Blech, when is Hollywood going to find a new kind of female lead other than the bitter career gal? So far Bell is the only name attached to the film, but now that there is a star, the rest should fall into place.

When in Rome is due to start shooting on location in Rome and in New York this March. Plus now that the writer's strike might be over, Bell could be returning to the small screen to get a least a few more episodes of Heroes in before the season is up. Rome will be produced by Disney, so if you are looking to see Bell in something with a little more 'edge' then at least you still have Judd Apatow's Forgetting Sarah Marshall hitting theaters on April 18th and Fanboys slated for later this year.
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