Seeing as we'll finally get to watch the first Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull trailer later this week (it will officially air on Good Morning America this Thursday, then arrive online right afterwards on, I figured we'd take a look back in this week's Monday Morning Poll and attempt to find out which Indy flick the fans most enjoy. On paper, it seems the obvious choice is Raiders of the Lost Ark, however throughout the years I've met folks who adore Temple of Doom and some who thought the addition of Sean Connery rose The Last Crusade up above the rest. I'll probably revisit this topic once Kingdom of the Crystal Skull arrives in theaters (on May 22), but for now let's take a look at the Indy films already available to us.

It's hard not to absolutely love Raiders of the Lost Ark. It's the original -- first time we met Indy -- and this adventure established all the themes and character traits we'd go on to see in the sequels. But then you get Temple of Doom; the odd one of the bunch. It's still Indy, he's still fighting with some gal, and it includes who is perhaps Indy's most beloved sidekick (Short Round), but it's really nothing like the other two films in the franchise. Some people like that about this film -- how it's different, unexpected. What about you? The Last Crusade brings us back to the type of Indiana Jones film we saw in Raiders, except the love angle isn't as strong. But there's no denying the superb buddy chemistry Ford and Connery displayed on screen as father and son.

So, as we await the trailer for what could be the last Indiana Jones adventure, I ask you: What's your favorite Indiana Jones film?

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