• Eva Dahlbeck(1920-2008) - Swedish actress who starred in Ingmar Bergman's Secrets of Women, A Lesson in Love, Dreams, Smiles of a Summer Night, Brink of Life and All These Women. She also co-starred in Agnès Varda's Les Créatures, appears in George Seaton's The Counterfeit Traitor and wrote the screenplay to Arne Mattson's Woman of Darkness. She died of Alzheimer's disease February 8, in Sweden. (Washington Post)
  • John Alvin(1948-2008) - Movie poster artist. See my full post here.
  • Carlos Aured(1937-2008) - Spanish director of horror films, including 1973's Curse of the Devil, Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll and Horror Rises from the Tomb. He also wrote John Hough's Triumphs of a Man Called Horse, which starred Richard Harris, was an assistant director on The Werewolf Versus Vampire Women and a line producer on Leviatán, which starred Alice Cooper, and produced 1987's Alien Predators. He died of a heart attack February 3, in Denia, Spain. (Fangoria)
  • Earl L. Butz(1909-2008) - Former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture under Presidents Nixon and Ford. He appears as himself in the documentaries King Corn and Killer at Large. He died February 2 in West Lafayette, Indiana. (NY Times)
  • Augusta Dabney(1918-2008) - Actress who appears in Plaza Suite, Running on Empty, the original The Heartbreak Kid, Ron Howard's The Paper and That Night!, for which she was nominated for a BAFTA awards for Best Foreign Actress. She died February 2 in Dobbs Ferry, New York. (Variety)
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