He's battled creepy aliens. He's fought The Mist. Now that his second foray into the world of Stephen King is over, Thomas Jane is getting some less freaky action. According to Variety, he's signed on to star in John McTiernan's new flick for Arclight Films called Run. This won't be a Die Hard sort of film contained in small spaces. At least, not completely in small spaces. Instead, it sounds like Die Hard meets The Fast and the Furious.

Jane seems to be replacing Karl Urban, who originally signed on to the project back in 2007, and is not mentioned at all in this latest bit of news. To be shot on location in Argentina, the action flick will focus on "an American Interpol agent happening upon a conspiracy during a thrills-and-spills high-speed pursuit across the country." Now, you might remember that this cross-country car chase (at speeds over 120mph) is the one that has a 51-minute chase scene, so it sounds like the flick will get maybe a bit of an intro and something to wrap it up, with the chase plunked down in the middle. This is the guy who brought us John McClane, so I can't be totally pessimistic, but McTiernan better be on his game if he wants this to work.

Exorbitantly long chase scenes need good cars, and the cast are going to get some sweet rides. According to Arclight head Gary Hamilton: "This is an unrelenting action-thriller in true McTiernan style, creating acrobatic mayhem in exotic locales. BMW has come onboard to provide the cars, and Roush Performance is designing a Super Mustang for the film, setting up what will be a spectacular vehicle stunt-action chase movie." So, the question becomes who will win: the BMW guys or the Mustang guys?
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