Leave it up to the folks over at Funny or Die to post some sort of comedic video celebrating the end (we hope?) of the writer's strike that's practically crippled an industry. In a new video (as seen above), Rebecca Romijn pretends to be a news reporter interviewing Jerry O'Connell (as himself?) following an "alcohol-fueled" party O'Connell threw in which his entire neighborhood was destroyed. My favorite exchange came when Romijn asked, "Why did you throw this party, exactly?" To which O'Connell replies, "Because the strike is over." And Romijn goes, "And what does that mean." O'Connell responds, "They get two cents more ... I guess."

The video is kinda funny in that "So that's what these two are doing now" kinda way. As you know, in real life O'Connell and Romijn are husband and wife, which helps make their on-screen chemistry sizzle. Oh yes. It sizzles. And sparks. Sizzles and sparks. Check out the video above and let us know what you think. Rebecca Romijn can next be seen in the film Lake City, while O'Connell can next be seen in whatever video Funny or Die posts next week.