What appears to be the first image of Hugh Jackman in full Wolverine gear has arrived online (click on the photo for a larger version), courtesy of reelcollectibles (as pointed out to us by the Unofficial Wolverine Chronicles). The photo shows Jackman dressed in that familiar black outfit with those long ass side-burns. He's standing next to two people who I do not know, though I believe they're fans. At first glance, I thought this was a stunt double because he doesn't look much like Jackman, but after doing a bit more digging and comparing other photos to this one, I'm pretty positive it's him.

And is it me, or does he look a bit younger here? X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which is currently shooting in New Zealand (I believe) apparently tells the origins of the Wolverine character. They're keeping casting for this one under lock and key at the moment, but we do know that Liev Schreiber is involved, most likely playing Victor Creed, aka Sabertooth, and that Aussie actor Christian Clark joined the cast in an unspecified role not long ago. X-Men Origins: Wolverine is due out in theaters on May 1, 2009.

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