Now here's some shocking news: Uwe Boll's next film is NOT based on a video game. Wow! Strange but true, schlock-fans, but Boll's next opus is an original story about a group of Vietnam War "tunnel rats" -- soldiers who are charged with invading and destroying the enemy's subterranean networks.

Just hit play to check out the new trailer for Tunnel Rats, which starts out on a misdirection (as if Boll wants us to think he's got the next Apocalypse Now) but quickly turns into predictably mindless mayhem. Also feel free to note that Boll's production company is now called "Boll AG" and not "Boll KG," probably because he had to do some financial restructuring once those German tax loopholes got zipped shut.

Starring in Tunnel Rats are Michael Pare ... and a whole bunch of young people I've never seen before. First-time screenwriter (but longtime Boll producing partner) Dan Clarke co-authored the screenplay with the beloved filmmaker ... although I'm not exactly sure if Tunnel Rats has even acquired a domestic distributor yet. With Postal, Far Cry and Seed already backed up, we're looking at a serious Bollflick logjam.

In related news, In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Comedy will hit DVD on April 15, courtesy of ... Fox? And let's not forget that Uwe's been promising a big, fat director's cut on that DVD. Yay. But for now: Tunnel Rats: The Trailer...

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