For a very short while today, some folks were able to watch a leaked Red Band trailer for Pineapple Express over on YouTube. A little birdie gave us the heads up, and I was right in the middle of bringing you folks the leaked version when I had to stop writing and -- wham -- the video was gone. But I can tell you that what I watched had me in friggin' stitches. Holy crap is this movie going to be funny. I won't say much as to not spoil the trailer (because it will be online soon, promise), but I just about lost my lunch when Seth Rogen stuck his head in a bag of weed and James Franco said, "Smell it ... it's like God's vagina."

Like with most of the films Judd Apatow sticks his name on, the regular "family-friendly" trailer does it no justice. Oh no, you NEED to see this Red Band trailer. It's absolutely fantastical! I think I'll go on record now saying this will be the funniest film of the summer -- an action comedy starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, produced by Judd Apatow and directed by ... David Gordon Green. Crazy. Anyway, just thought I'd release some excitement since I can't bring you the trailer now. Fear not, though, because when this puppy officially hits, we'll be the first to let you know.

UPDATE: A few different websites grabbed the trailer, and have it up now (for how long -- we dunno). Kinda not allowed to go there, but I'd check out all the usual suspects.