"Okay, we have Michelle Williams back on set today -- so should we go ahead and shoot that scene with her next to a skeleton, three blocks away from where her old flame was found dead a couple weeks ago?" I imagine a conversation like this had to occur prior to shooting scenes for Williams' new film Mammoth in New York City the other day. Photos of the poor gal standing next to a skeleton on set were splashed across the pages of the New York Post today, and one can't help but look at her and say, "Really? These were the scenes that needed to be shot right now? And the skeleton comes into play ... how, exactly?"

Mammoth stars Williams and Gael García Bernal as a married couple living in New York with their daughter and Filipina nanny whose lives drastically change when the husband takes a business trip to the Philippines. Williams was back in New York only two days after attending a funeral service for Heath Ledger in Australia. Here's hoping the girl stays strong ... and that the Mammoth filmmakers will try to next shoot a scene that doesn't involve a dead body in SoHo.

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