Most of you have probably already heard about this by now, but there's a movie-loving blogger who has decided to anonymously put up a new blog chronicling her last 90 days on Earth. Terminal disease? Nope -- she's committing suicide, she says. The lady is already down to Day 84 and every blog post she puts up elicits hundreds of comments from the fascinated, the concerned, the sarcastic, and the sadistic who are urging her on. No one knows if this lady is in the business of blogging or movies professionally, but movies appear to be a primary preoccupation of hers and she recently blogged about suicide attempts in movies such as The Royal Tenenbaums and Empire Records. She also gives a perfunctory reason for her suicide that, many have already noticed, is suspicious -- it's cribbed directly from Fight Club, and says that "our generation has no great depression, no great war." Her great depression is her life, I guess?

My sense is that the whole thing is a total put-on, even to the point that I don't feel bad about throwing attention to the site, since I don't feel like there's a real person at risk here. I could be totally wrong, but we're talking about a lady who just blogged about a guy who asked her out for Valentine's Day and quipped -- "I just hope he's not looking for anything long-term." Come on, give me a break. People on the verge of suicide are rarely so cogent or so full of humor. She also put up a nice pic of the Hollywood sign, near her anonymous location, and wrote "On my way back from Starbucks. I can say with absolute certainty that caffeine is probably the one thing that is keeping me going for the remaining 87 days." Uh-huh. That, and the book deal she's hoping to turn this into. And that's not an original thought on my part -- it's the conclusion at least one colleague has already reached.

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