Although he functions under the cinematic radar, Christopher Eccleston has become quite the television scene stealer. He made Doctor Who irresistible to a much larger audience (including me). After his abrupt departure from his role as the infamous Time Lord, he jumped into Heroes and pretty much mopped up the floor with much of the cast. After those geek roles, Eccleston has been getting all sorts of dark and topping off his role as The Rider in The Seeker: The Dark is Rising and Dr. Jekyll in New Orleans, Mon Amour, The Hollywood Reporter says he's heading for G.I. Joe. (IESB first broke this news last night.)

He's grabbed the role of "the villainous Destro" in Paramount's update of the Real American Hero. Last month, it was going to be David Murray, but unfortunately, the Irish-born actor had to back out due to visa issues. As Destro, Eccleston will be the main bad guy, straight out of the Scottish Highlands. He's the head of M.A.R.S., and is known for being both calm and cutthroat. This also means that he gets to love Sienna Miller, who will play the Baroness, Cobra's second-in-command. Okay, I think I got that right, but unfortunately, my G.I. Joe knowledge goes no further than the elaborate scene an old friend of mine had set up in a spare room with rescued figures.

Then again, I bet I'll know more soon enough. For an action movie based on an old action figure, they've set up a huge and surprising cast. Production gets going this month, and the flick will hit theaters in 2009.
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