Look to the right. There's nothing quite like a dog's behind and a pair of hanging testicles -- is there? If you're wondering what kind of book, one that's getting turned into a film, would put that sort of pic on the cover, read on. Life is a Strange Place is the story of a womanizer called Barry Munday. One day, he gets caught in the act with a teenager, and her father lays the smackdown on the lady chaser -- so much so that the guy wakes up in the hospital and finds out that his balls had to be snipped off. However, just as he realizes that he's unhappy with his life and can never have kids, he's conveniently named in a paternity suit. "Barry is elated at the second chance at fatherhood. Now if he can just avoid his crazy ex-girlfriend, her rabid dog, a mob of angry gay midgets, and his mother until the baby is born..."

Strange, eh? Even more surprising, Variety reports that Patrick Wilson will play Barry Munday in a film adaptation of the same name. After stuff like Hard Candy, Little Children, Evening, and his upcoming stint as Nite Owl in Watchmen, this is a bit of a change for the actor. I guess he wanted to perk up his professional life.

I'm wondering if they may have changed things up a little for the screen -- it's being touted as a romantic comedy, yet descriptions suggest that the object of his affection is just his soon-to-pop-out kid. Or, he falls for the kid's mom, who is described as an unattractive woman he doesn't remember sleeping with. Charming. Whatever the case, it certainly sounds interesting. Chris D'Arienzo will direct the film this April in Los Angeles.
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