What do you do at South By Southwest if you need a break from the movies, your belly is completely full of barbecued meat, and you're tired of staring at all the hot co-eds on 6th Street? You head on over to the convention center and poke your head into one of the (many) panel discussions that are going on all week. Why? Because that's where you'll get to see, hear and probably shake hands with folks like Billy Bob Thornton, Dwight Yoakam, Jeffrey Tambor, Helen Hunt, Harlan Ellison, Moby and Harold & Kumar ... among (many) others. (Dude. Joe Swanberg's gonna be there. Instant cool.)

Check out the full SXSW press release after the jump, but trust me on this: At a panel last year I got to share a few words (and get a pic!) with Sir Bill Paxton. And I'd rather meet a guy like Bill Paxton (or Jeffrey Tambor!) than a Tom Cruise any day! Keep in mind that not all panels are celeb-intensive. Some are just about movies and music and media and jazz like that. Good geeky stuff! SXSW begins on March 7. Click through for more!