Is this breaking news? I don't know. Variety thinks it's breaking news, so I guess it's breaking news -- but, to me, breaking news would be, "Star Trek Not Happening Because J.J. Abrams Crapped Himself and Hates Life."Star Trek'srelease date being pushed back to May 8, 2009, from December 25, 2008? News, definitely. Breaking news? Not so much. Why the move? Some feel the film has more box office potential in May than in December (which I certainly believe, to some degree), but I'd bet the cattle ranch J.J. wanted to fine-tune that script a bit now that the writer's strike is over, and he'd like that much more time to do so. We know he had problems with the script they're shooting with now; minor problems, probably, but I could see him wanting to change it up now that he's able to.

Anyway, yeah, Star Trek will now arrive in theaters on May 8, 2009. Its competition will come from X-Men Origins: Wolverine (due out May 1, 2009) and Angels & Demons (due out May 19, 2009). Also of note, Variety says Dreamworks pushed the Tropic Thunder (Ben Stiller comedy) release date back to August 15 from July 11. What do you think about the release date shift? Does it mean a whole lot to have those extra few months?

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