I know, I know, Wes Craven's always got a few projects on the burner, right? But it looks like he's finally settled into the director's chair again -- this time on a Rogue / Universal horror (oh, sorry, thriller) flick called, strangely enough, 25/8, (I assume it's a play on the phrase "24 / 7," as in "That Weinberg dude is watching horror movies 24 / 7" -- or maybe it means August 25 in the UK. I have no idea.

According to Variety, 25/8 represents Mr. Craven's "first original horror script since 1994's New Nightmare," which is a specious way of skipping over the fact that Craven co-wrote last year's Hills Have Eyes 2 AND that atrocious Pulse remake. It will be his first directorial feature since 2005, when he gave us both Red Eye (yay) and Cursed (boo). The source indicates that "the film unveils a signature villain, a serial killer who turns up 15 years after his purported death, to kill the seven children born on that fateful night." Gee, not straying all that far from Elm Street, eh?

For his part, Mr. Craven says "It's more a thriller than slasher film, and revolves around a young kid with a very dark past involving his family and his father." Regarding those remakes, he will be involved with the Last House on the Left re-do, but not so much on Platinum Dunes' Freddy re-fit.

Oh, and in slightly-related horror news, Rogue has found a director for their remake of George Romero's The Crazies: Breck Eisner, who last gave us Sahara.
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