You probably recognize Nicholas D'Agosto as West, the trouble-starting flying kid and Claire's paramour in Heroes. But to me, this guy will always be the ballot counter in Election, and the dude behind the counter in Psycho Beach Party. And, should he continue with the cinematic work he's picking, rather than the television, I imagine he will never rise above those two gigs.

Jessica already told you that he's in Maxim's Mardi Gras, and now The Hollywood Reporter has shared that he will star in another one -- Maxim's Fired Up. At the fresh, young age of 27, he'll play "a high school student who, with a teammate, bows out of the season to attend cheerleading camp in an elaborate scheme to score women that goes awry when he falls in love." Well, I guess there is no easier way into a girl's pants than being the hand that holds her barely-covered butt in the air.

He will be joined by Eric Christian Olsen (License to Wed), Sarah Roemer (Disturbia), and Daneel Harris (One Tree Hill). Between the pretty faces and the subject matter, I imagine it will do relatively well amongst the target demographic. And this does have Maxim attached to it, so I'm sure there will be lots of gratuitous female skin. Whether the actual movie will be any good, that remains to be seen.
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