Benten Films is fairly new on the DVD distribution scene -- so far, they've released only a few DVDs, starting with Joe Swanberg's film LOL last year. Earlier this month, I reviewed their latest DVD set, the Aaron Katz films Quiet City and Dance Party, USA, which was beautifully put together. Benten was founded by two film critics: Andrew Grant and Aaron Hillis, whom James Rocchi interviewed last year about their new endeavor.

Now Benten Films is venturing into foreign films with their latest acquisition for American DVD distribution: The Free Will (aka Der Freie Wille). The German film premiered in 2006 at Berlinale, where it won the Silver Bear award for outstanding artistic contribution. In addition, actor Jurgen Vogel won awards at Tribeca and the Chicago International Film Festival for his performance as Theo, who is released from a psychiatric detention unit nine years after committing sexual assault crimes, and who has to get reacquainted with the world around him. The drama is a whopping 163 minutes long, but at least on DVD you can make your own intermission. I haven't yet had the chance to see The Free Will, and look forward to the DVD's release date on June 24.