He may not be a big star yet here in the states, but the South Korean pop singer Rain is starting to land big roles in some big films. He already has a supporting role in this summer's Speed Racer, and now Variety reports that Rain (aka Jung Ji-hoon) has nabbed a leading role in a film called Ninja Assassin, which will be produced by Joel Silver and the WachowskiBrothers, and directed by James McTeigue (V for Vendetta). Though there's no mention of their further involvement in the film, one assumes Andy and Larry Wachowski also wrote the script.

The news came via a press conference in Seoul earlier today, and there's currently no word on what the film will be about other than the fact that there will be lots of action. Rain's debut on the big screen came last year in the flick I'm a Cyborg, but That's Okay -- and, having seen the film, I enjoyed the guy quite a bit as an actor. Ninja Assassin is tentatively scheduled to shoot from March to July in Berlin for Warner Bros. I imagine we should expect more casting announcements to come soon, but in the meantime you Wachowski fans can look forward to plenty more fancy hand-to-hand battles from the brothers who brought us The Matrix trilogy.

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