In honor of the end of the WGA strike (yay!) I thought we could go back in time and give you a double whammy -- a clip that seems strange now, and that has a writer theme to it. Before Ben Stiller served us comedy after comedy, some of which are loved, and some of which are hated, he was a struggling writer addicted to heroin in Permanent Midnight.

In the clip above, Jerry Stahl's jaunty step is weighed down when he finds out that he's going to be a father. Being a drug addict, the only thing to do is get high. It's so weird to see him in this, and it's sad that he doesn't take on these sort of roles anymore. Or, at the very least, bring us Stiller-branded fare that isn't completely goofy -- he is the guy behind Reality Bites, after all. Doesn't he ever get tired of it?