Or maybe I'm the only one who couldn't have picked Til Schweiger out of a crowd until he started getting into fights with the German film community. Now there are new developments, but first a recap on what's already happened:

About a month ago there was a scandal when Keinohrhasen, which Schweiger directed, co-wrote, and stars in, was given a "general audiences" rating by the German film board despite its naughty language and sexual dialogue. The film board is who people were mostly mad at, but it didn't help that Schweiger publicly said he agreed with the soft rating. (The film board eventually re-rated it with the equivalent of a PG-13.)

A week later there was fresh controversy when the German Film Academy (not the same as the ratings board) announced that Keinohrhasen was not being considered for the Lolas, the German equivalent of the Oscars. They said it's because the film's producers -- of which Schweiger is one -- hadn't submitted it in time, and that it could be considered for next year's awards if they re-release it in 2008. Schweiger didn't like that answer, so he quit the German Film Academy in protest.
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