The story of filmmaker and actress Adrienne Shelly's murder is coming to a close, as the murderer has copped a manslaughter plea and escaped justice with a paltry 25 year sentence. Diego Pillco told prosecutors that Shelly, who was known for her Hal Hartley movies around the early 90s and who most recently directed the Sundance hit, Waitress, walked in on him while he was rummaging through her purse for money. She threatened to call the cops and so he strangled her to death and then staged a suicide. When police broke him down, he told them that the reason he went to such an extreme and killed Shelly -- the mother of a two year-old -- was because "I was having a bad day." And for this, he gets 25 years? Considering he's barely out of his teens, expect to see him back on the streets before he's middle-aged, probably. No matter what position you take on the death penalty, you have to agree that it's some kind of world where this guy isn't slated to walk the green mile.

Some small measure of good comes out of this tragedy, with the establishment by Shelly's widower of the Adrienne Shelly Foundation, which is dedicated to helping young female filmmakers and actresses pursue their careers through scholarships and grants. From the site: "In carrying out our mission, we've partnered with the industry's finest academic and filmmaking institutions to assist women in this journey with film school scholarships, production grants, finishing funds, and other invaluable resources." Details on how to apply and the rules and regulations are available on the site.

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