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While tooling around online today, I came across these unbelievably awesome rejected Star Wars merchandising pitches over at Action Figure Insider. Apparently, none of these ever made it out of the pitch stage, but I, personally, probably would've purchased at least five of them. Tell me you wouldn't totally rock out a Han Solo in Carbonite Mini-Fridge! Heck yeah! One of these (in a re-tooled format) is actually coming out in the near future (the R2-D2 projector), but the toy I'd definitely purchase in a heartbeat is the Death Star Grill (photo after the jump) -- for those days when you want to cook a burger and blow up a planet at the same time. Other cool pitches include an At-At Chair Caddy, a Darth Vadar gumball machine, a Jabba the Hutt Beanbag and a wicked cool TaunTaun Suit (Halloween would never be the same). Check out a few of these rejected merchandising pitches after the jump, then head to Action Figure Insider to see the rest.

Which would be your must-have item?