Are you looking to really mess with someone today ... on Valentine's Day? Do you and your sweetheart share an abnormal love for all things torture related? If so, have I got the game for you! As part of the marketing for the pretty awesome Funny Games remake (read James' review here), Warner Independent set up this unique viral game in which you can personalize a -- how shall I say -- "interesting" video, and send it to a friend, a loved one ... or that ex-boyfriend who screwed you over for dinner tonight.

Oh that's right -- you can't let him get away with it. Right now, he's probably laughing at you, telling all his friends how he made up some stupid excuse to get out of your special Valentine's date. And here you are -- sitting in front of your computer, desperately trying to think of a way to get back at him. That bastard! Well, instead of spamming his MySpace page, why not show a little more originality? To see what I mean, head on over to the Funny Games site and spend a few minutes spreading the love around. Trust me, when he comes crawling back -- all dirty and disheveled -- you'll be glad you did the right thing.

Oh, and when you two kiss and make up (thanks to us!), you can plan to go see Funny Games when it arrives in theaters on March 14.