I was assigned to review I Could Never Be Your Woman last year about this time, but the theatrical release date was pushed back at the eleventh hour. The movie then had a fall release date ... which also vanished. Now this romantic comedy starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Paul Rudd and written/directed by Amy Heckerling has gone direct to DVD with no U.S. theatrical release at all. You'd think this must mean the movie is a real stinker, but that's not the case. (Entertainment Weekly has an interview with Heckerling that tells the story behind the release problems, which seem to be grounded in financial and distribution snafus.)

I Could Never Be Your Woman is almost an entertaining, lightweight comedy, except for one flaw: its message is about as subtle as those in a Disney sports movie. Rosie (Pfeiffer) is a 40-year-old TV writer/producer who fears she is growing too old for her job, and too old and ugly for romance. When she falls for Adam (Rudd, who was in Heckerling's Clueless back in 1995), who auditions for a bit part on her show, she continually tries to halt the relationship because the age gap worries her so much. The young people all seem to be jeering at her; the old guys get to be fat and jerky and have no trouble finding work or attractive partners. Meanwhile, her teenage daughter Izzie (Saoirse Ronan) has just started being interested in boys, and she is suffering from body issues too.